Chamber Network Groups

The Network Groups offer an opportunity for members to meet and discuss common areas of interest, share experiences as well as listen to relevant speakers for inspiration. Networks can be organized around horizontal (function-specific) or vertical (industry-specific) lines.

Network members are given priority to Executive Dialogues and Workshops in their field of interest.

General requirements:

  • Employed at Member company
  • Regular attendance
  • Active contribution
  • Group-specific criteria (see below)

If you want to join SwedCham network groups, feel free to reach out to us by email: or You can also contact the network leaders directly. Do remember to mention the things as follows:

  • Your Name
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Position/title
  • Your WeChat ID
  • Which network group or groups you’d like to join?
  • How would you like to contribute to the group?

Last but not least, please start the email subject with「Networkgroup」in order to let us notice your application faster.

Anything missing?

Would you like to see another network added to the list? Do you want to contribute to your industry/field?

Get in touch with us, we'd love to hear about it!




The HR Network Group is a platform for companies’ leaders and HR professionals to engage in discussion and share experiences.

How to collaborate, learn and work better, employee engagement, skills, performance management, candidate experiences, inclusive workspace, remote work and much more will be talked about in this group.

By providing a secure environment where best practices can be shared, we aim to strengthen the management of human resources for Swedish companies in China.

Network Leader:

Julia Larsen-Disney, Mercuri Urval 

NET ZERO NETWORK is a new initiative for companies with net zero ambitions to share their needs, ideas and solutions – working together to help all Swedish companies in China become carbon neutral.

Background: The transformation to a net zero carbon economy is achievable and has already begun. Through the 2015 Paris Agreement, world governments committed to limiting global temperature well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C. In 2020, China announced their targets to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by

Purpose: The initiative for Net Zero Network aims to gather Swedish companies and climate change believers with net zero ambitions to share their needs, experience, ideas, and solutions on this topic. By working jointly, we can mobilize Swedish companies to take the lead on urgent climate action and sustainability in China and Globally.

Mission: Make Sweden the first ‘Net Zero Nation’ in China by helping all Swedish companies to become carbon neutral.

Network Leader:

Aron Fredriksson, Greenfield

Your interest, needs & wants

But before deciding on anything we would like to hear from you. If your company is interested to join the Net Zero Network, please fill in the questionnaire below so we can align our agenda with your company needs and wants:

Begin Survey

This platform allows members to learn and discuss e-commerce related matters in China. The purpose is to educate and share Chinese e-commerce experiences within Swedish companies and deep dive into various topics and hands-on challenges. Each meeting will focus on one key topic related to running a successful e-commerce business. We will also cover new opportunities and trends that will help Swedish brands to grow in China. We aim to keep the discussions informal and allow for interactive discussions between members.

General: 1 hour monthly seminars with various topics

Network Leaders:

Helena Svensson, Empress Consulting

Simon Cai, Triple Digit

Background: The Finance Network Group is a working group for chief executives, finance directors and other experts in financial matters. The working group provides an opportunity for specific exchange of knowledge and experience of the Swedish-Chinese business world. Major themes are funding, taxes, business effectiveness, transfer pricing and accounting. The working group offers an excellent opportunity to proactively address issues and discuss new approaches together in informal settings – like breakfast meetings or afterwork sessions.

Network Leader:

Ella Jin,  Senior Client Executive, Swedbank Shanghai Branch. 

Vision: Under the Umbrella of SwedCham we help empower organizations active in the food, beverage and agricultural industry in China through networking and knowledge sharing.

Mission: Provide a platform for SwedCham members and related intersects to meet with peers within their business area and share insight & experiences and establish network with the purpose of benefiting and growing and manage risk in their respective businesses.

Target GroupCompanies / organizations / Key players / leaders active in the food / beverage and agricultural categories in China (B2B/B2C).

Kindly Note: You need to be based in Shanghai and currently work in the Food Industry to join this network group.  

Network Leader:

Per Lindén, Scandic Foods Asia

With an increase demand from the  SwedCham Corporate members, the SwedCham Government Affairs Network Group (GA Network Group) is officially launched on June 30, 2023 to meet our members’ need as the GA-related works play an important role in one Corporate’s business development and success in China. 

This platform aims to serve two purposes of the network by an easier communication via a WeChat group; online and offline informal meetings bimonthly:

  • Learn the latest policy and the best practices by members of the GA Network Group;
  • Share experience and ideas on how your company can build relations with local and central governments

Target group

  • The applicant is working at one of Swedcham Corporate Members
  • Managers who are active in the Government relations/Public relations/ Communication departments 

Network Leader

Frank Zhao, Assa Abloy


In this day and age, intellectual property (IP) is regarded by many as the heart and soul to drive growth and competition in the marketplace. From building a brand identity, enforcing patent rights against infringers, to gaining financing and venture capital, and licensing your proprietary technology to increase revenue steam, intellectual property plays a significant role to increase the competitive edge and commercial value of companies and create strong business partnerships. Also, for companies doing business in China, how to effectively navigate the everchanging IP landscape of China has always been a challenge. The purpose of the Intellectual Property Network is to provide a platform for the SwedCham China members to share knowledge and experiences around IP issues that concern them in their business in China. Meanwhile, the platform serves as a forum to inform of the changes and developments of China’s IP law and practice, and for the members to discuss the management of IP within their organisations to increase the IP awareness, foster IP culture within the organisation and manage their IP risks in their respective businesses.

We welcome anyone who can represent a member company and has an IP-related function in his/her work to join the IP Network.

Network Leader:

Xiaofan Chen, Partner, AWA Asia