Intellectual Property Network

In this day and age, intellectual property (IP) is regarded by many as the heart and soul to drive growth and competition in the marketplace. From building a brand identity, enforcing patent rights against infringers, to gaining financing and venture capital, and licensing your proprietary technology to increase revenue steam, intellectual property plays a significant role to increase the competitive edge and commercial value of companies and create strong business partnerships. Also, for companies doing business in China, how to effectively navigate the everchanging IP landscape of China has always been a challenge. The purpose of the Intellectual Property Network is to provide a platform for the SwedCham China members to share knowledge and experiences around IP issues that concern them in their business in China. Meanwhile, the platform serves as a forum to inform of the changes and developments of China’s IP law and practice, and for the members to discuss the management of IP within their organisations to increase the IP awareness, foster IP culture within the organisation and manage their IP risks in their respective businesses.

We welcome anyone who can represent a member company and has an IP-related function in his/her work to join the IP Network.

Network Leader:

Xiaofan Chen, Partner, AWA Asia