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The butterfly effect theory is the idea that one small occurrence can significantly impact the world. Advanced materials from Alleima can contribute to innovative changes that help raise productivity, energy efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.

Demand for coffee in China has grown exponentially over the last decade. The country has gone from being a minor consumer to being the most attractive and profitable market for coffee sellers from across the globe. We can also see this evolution with the expansion of coffee production within China. Historically coffee cultivation in China was rare, but recent years have seen the country become a...

19th May 2023. WirelessCar Chengdu office grand opening! On the same day, WirelessCar company held a grand opening ceremony in the new office, sharing their achievement and joy with everyone! The establishment of the new office in Chengdu is an important step in WirelessCar’s continuous growth, and the company believe that it will inject more new vitality into the future development of WirelessCar...

4月18日,中国上海——全球豪华纯电高性能汽车品牌Polestar极星(纳斯达克股票代码: PSNY)旗下的纯电高性能轿跑SUV——极星4于2023年上海国际汽车工业展览会(下称“上海车展”)全球首发。这是极星产品体系中的第二款SUV车型。作为轿跑SUV新物种,极星4的尺寸介于极星2与极星3之间,融合了轿跑车型的空气动力学特性和SUV车型宽大空间的优势。同时,极星4还是极星迄今为止最快实现从研发到量产的车型,并首次应用了极星Precept概念车上的诸多设计元素。

With Pezo Imports, every time you enjoy a cup of coffee, you can do so knowing you are benefiting local communities, nature and the health of our planet as a whole.

Hej! We are IKEA supply chain, belonging to Inter IKEA Group, which responsible for IKEA Supply Chain management and operation in China.

Our business in China is large. At present, apart from Sweden, China is the only country where IKEA has developed a complete industrial value chain, covering product development, purchasing, production, testing, warehousing & logistics, etc.