Words from our Chairman


Dear SwedCham Members, Partners and Friends,

SwedCham has long been the natural meeting place for the Swedish business community in China, and it still is today. 

We are proud of our strong results in terms of event quality, large and fast-growing member participation and member satisfaction. We are also very grateful for the support from our members, partners and the business community that have enabled us to deliver these strong results. From this position of strength, built up by the stewardship of generations of SwedCham staff and directors, we are now keen to maintain and build on this success formula. 

At the same time, we are excited to embark on a new chapter of SwedCham’s development, characterized by enabling our members’ continued success by building a better understanding of the new vibrant business environment in China and the leading next-generation Chinese companies. The ability to harness the entrepreneurial spirit of China’s new tech clusters, to understand how to compete or partner with the new Chinese champions across industries, and to work effectively with government to understand policy and reap benefits from support, could be crucial for long term success, not just in China, but also internationally.

In addition, SwedCham will seek to expand from mostly engaging with small groups of people within Swedish companies, to engaging and providing value to a broader group of member company employees, as well as providing a platform for our members to engage with Chinese business leaders. We believe that these types of dialogue, where the Swedish business community can explain our way of working, our culture and our values, will be only become more important as the world is facing a range of political and environmental challenges.


Chairman, SwedCham China

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Jade Invest