Swedpod Episode 14: Meeting with Lars-Åke Severin, CEO of PSU China



Photo of Lars-ake SeverinFrom a Swedish security police to an entrepreneur in corporate risk management in China: Insights from Lars-Åke Severin, CEO of PSU China

"Some of the risks are generated due to a lack of interest, a lack of understanding, a lack of knowledge, and a lack of involvement..." quoting Lars-Åke Severin.

In the 14th episode of the SwedCham podcast, Lars-Åke Severin, Founder and CEO of PSU China, shares his experiences and insights on Risk management for corporates and doing business in China. PSU China is the Corporate Security and Risk management Consultancy. Lars-ake is also the director and member of the board of the Swedish industrial company Bulten (China) , the legal representative and Chairman of the board of PowerCell China. He was the former Chairman of the Swedcham China for 5 years.  


Lars-Åke shares his early days working in the Swedish Security Police, protecting the Swedish Royal Family, and how it shaped his career in security industry. He then explains his decision to establish his company in China in 2006, highlighting the factors that influenced his choice. The podcast covers the biggest risks companies face in today's global economic uncertainty, and Lars-Åke provides suggestions on mitigating these risks. He also shares his perspective on the potential risks and benefits of technologies like Chat GPT in corporate security, as well as the implementation of the Corporate Social Credit System in China. For young Swedish professionals and expats considering a move to China, Lars-Åke offers advice and key considerations for living and working in the country. He also shares his best practices for adapting to Chinese culture. Lastly, Lars-Åke discusses his experiences as a parent in both Sweden and China, highlighting notable differences in parenting and education approaches between the two countries.


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