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Activities in China: Who does not love cookies? Nordic Bakery Shop is a company dedicated to bringing you authentic Nordic handmade cookies and pastries. We use traditional recipes with premium natural ingredients. We use old traditional recipes from the founder’s two grandmothers handed down to her. If you want to try a real Fika or Kafferep do not hesitate to order from our webstore or come and say hi at our physical bakery. 谁不喜欢饼干呢? 北欧饼铺是一家致力于为您带来正宗北欧手工饼干和糕点的公司。我们使用传统配方和优质的天然原料。 我们所使用的食谱是北欧饼铺创始人的祖母的传统家庭食谱。 如果你想尝试真正的Fika或Kafferep,不要犹豫从我们的网络商店订购或来我们的实体面包店打招呼。
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