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Alleima(Shanghai) Material Technology Co., Ltd.


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Activities in China: From business license: General projects: technical services, technology development, technology consulting, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; import and export of goods; technology import and export; general cargo warehousing services (excluding hazardous chemicals and other items requiring licensing approval); general equipment repair; special equipment repair; information technology consulting services; mechanical and electrical equipment sales; ovens, furnaces and electric furnace sales; metal tools sales; metal materials sales Sales of new metal functional materials; sales of non-ferrous metal alloys; sales of springs; sales of metal wires and ropes and their products; sales of power electronic components; sales of electronic products; trade brokerage; domestic trade agency; import and export agency; social and economic consulting services. (Except for projects subject to approval by law, with business license to carry out business activities independently according to law)
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Business Line: Automotive and Automotive components, Aviation and Aerospace, Machinery and Industrial engineering, Metals