Sourcing Manager 采购寻源经理

Full Time
10 months ago

Sourcing Manager





  • 了解并实施各个部门的寻源及采购需求,并安排及时到货;

  • 建立和执行寻源及采购政策流程;

  • 准备投标类文件、供应商评估及最终定价与合同签订流程;

  • 保证质量的前提下进行价格谈判,并确保供应商履约和及时到货;

  • 负责以有竞争力的价格及时规划和完成采购(在分配的预算内),同时保持质量标准和规范,并确保在要求的日期交付。包括但不限于餐饮消耗品、制服、菜单、商品包装、鲜花、洗衣用品、文具、印刷品、清洁化学品和设备、零售店商品等。

  • 根据业务需求,寻找并根据准入标准评估目标供应商;

  • 分析并解决有关质量和到货的问题;

  • 支持公司全球采购策略在中国的落地;

  • 定期与业务部门及管理团队回顾采购策略。




  • 本科及以上学历

  • 具有5年以上寻源或采购相关工作经验, 有筹备酒店开业经验为加分项

  • 熟悉采购、跟单、到货流程

  • 具备供应商合同管理、履约管理、项目管理经验

  • 时间管理及处理多项优先事项的能力

  • 具备出色的沟通谈判技巧

  • 分析问题及解决问题能力强

  • 细节关注能力

  • 保持高品质专业诚信水平

  • 优秀的中英文沟通能力


Main Responsibilities:


  • Ensure sourcing and purchasing needs are met and delivery on schedule

  • Build and implement sourcing and procurement strategy and policies and procedures

  • Prepare bid documents, analyze and evaluate proposals and lead the quote evaluation process

  • Negotiate pricing without compromising on quality while ensuring delivery on the required date

  • Lead the supplier selection process through research, identification, and evaluation of potential suppliers

  • Responsible for planning and buying in a timely manner and at competitive rates (within the allocated budget), while maintaining quality standards and specifications, and ensuring delivery on the required date, including but not limited to – F&B consumables, uniforms, menu covers, packaging, flowers, laundry, towels, stationery, printing, cleaning chemicals and equipment, retail store items, etc

  • Troubleshoot and resolve supplier-related quality and delivery issues

  • Develop and implement sourcing strategy for assigned product categories to support the global sourcing strategy

  • Review with the operation and management team periodically on procurement strategy




  • Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree

  • 5+ years in a sourcing/purchasing role, pre-opening experience in hospitality industry a plus

  • Hands-on experience with negotiations, contracts, bidding, project management 

  • Time management with multiple priorities and being adaptable

  • Excellent negotiation skills

  • Analysis and problem-solving skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Maintain high level of quality, professionalism and integrity

  • Strong communication and writing skills in Chinese and English