Event Coordinator 宴会及活动协调员

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4 months ago

Event Coordinator








  • 协助活动合作经理进行潜在客户记录、分配和提案 

  • 接听部门电话和处理留言 

  • 与餐饮经理、活动合作经理以及活动制作人员一起参与客户现场考察 

  • 与客户保持沟通,明确活动需求,包括菜单、外部供应商、技术与音视频设备、活动流程等 

  • 时刻保持活动日历的更新状态 

  • 在事件管理系统中更新新的菜单和服务项目


  • 准备并维护活动文件夹和相关文档 

  • 创建、更新并维护活动功能表(BEOs) 

  • 制作并传达活动场地平面图 

  • 通知所有相关部门有关活动细节和变更 

  • 确保所有必要的标识和宣传资料齐备 

  • 与各部门负责人和活动制作人员保持沟通,确认所有活动细节并进行必要的调整和

  • 变更


  • 与活动合作经理一起收集所有发票并完成最终报告 

  • 在经理认为必要时,可能负责其他与活动/餐饮相关的任务




  • 教育背景:拥有酒店管理或相关专业的本科学位或同等资格

  • 语言能力:优秀的普通话和英语口头、听力和书写沟通技巧

  • 工作经验:在酒店或活动运营方面拥有3年以上经验

  • 知识掌握 :

    • 熟悉餐厅、酒吧/休息室的运营流程 

    •  熟悉Microsoft Office365套件,包括PowerPoint和Excel 

  • 技能要求 :

    •  出色的客户与会员交流能力,能够有效沟通Fotografiska的活动和各种项目、设施 

    • 具备在快节奏环境中成功执行各类活动的经验,尤其是在奢华/高档活动场地或酒店方面的经验 

    • 灵活主动,能够迅速积极地应对变化的环境 

    •  熟练使用Google日历/文档/Outlook/Chrome 

    • 具备在瞬间重新调整任务优先级的能力 

    • 必须始终成为Fotografiska品牌积极、精致、善于表达的代表形象

  • 工作环境与时间安排 能够在部分夜晚、周末和假日工作。


Main Responsibilities:


Solution-oriented and taking pride in the details, the Event Coordinator builds, delivers, and stewards the moments that define Fotografiska Guests, Members, and team – past, present, and future. 

The role requires someone who is ready to: 

  • Assist Event & Partnership Manager with lead logging, distribution, and proposals  

  • Answer incoming department phone calls and voice messages 

  • Participate in client walk-throughs with F&B Manager, Event & Partnership Manager, and Event Producers.

  • Liaise with clients to outline event needs: menu, outside vendors, tech & A/V, run of show, etc. 

  • Keep the events calendar up-to-date at all times. 

  • Update the event management system with new menu items and offerings 

Event pre-production: 

  • Preparing and maintaining event folders and paperwork 

  • Creating, updating and maintaining event function sheets (BEOs) 

  • Creating and communicating event floor plans 

  • Keeping all relevant departments informed of event details and changes 

  • Ensuring that all proper signage and collateral is in place 

  • Liaise with Department Heads + Event Producer to confirm all details of events and make any adjustments and changes 


  • Work with Event & Partnership Manager to gather all invoices and process final reports 

  • May be responsible for any other events/catering-related tasks when deemed necessary by managers 




  • Education: College degree specializing in hospitality management or equivalent qualification

  • Language: Excellent communication skill in Mandarin and English verbal, listening and writing 

  • Work Experience: 3+ year’s experience in hotel or event operations

  • Knowledge:

    • Good knowledge of Restaurant, Bar/Lounge operational procedures
      Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office365 Suite including PowerPoint and Excel.

    • TripleSeat familiarity is a plus. 

  • Skills:

    • Outstanding ability to converse with clients and members regarding Fotografiska events and our various programs and amenities. 

    • Possess experience in delivering all types of events with a strong focus on guest satisfaction in a fast-paced environment, ideally in a luxury/upscale event venue, and/or hospitality venue.

    • Flexible and proactive, responding quickly and positively to changing environments. 

    • Efficient with Google Calendar/Docs/Outlook/Chrome.

    • Possesses ability to successfully re-prioritize tasks in a moment's notice

    • Must always be a positive, sophisticated, and articulate ambassador of the Fotografiska brand 

  • Working Environment and Schedule: Able to work on some nights, weekends, and holidays