E-Commerce & Retail Manager 电子商务零售经理

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4 months ago

E-commerce & Retail Manager





  • 负责自营网店、线上电商平台网店以及展览馆内实体店铺的运营规划、日常运营、关键业务指标达成和提升

  • 选择和开发符合关键品牌调性的商品,开发一系列配合当前摄影艺术展览的优质商品;

  • 根据公司战略目标和年度经营计划,制定电商渠道及实体店铺的运营策略,实施并监督执行

  • 整体规划和管理各个电商平台(天猫、淘宝、京东等)的营销推广、内容策划、呈现设计、对客服务、物流等环节,达成销售目标

  • 制定月度运营计划,细化线上商店的具体销售计划和促销活动计划

  • 深入进行营销数据分析、评估渠道效果,提出优化建议

  • 统筹线上线下店铺的商品管理、价格管理、库存管理

  • 合理分配全年预算,对各项费用进行分析和管控

  • 根据实际销售数量及目标销售量合理确定和执行采购计划




  • 本科及以上学历

  • 掌握电子商务的运营模式和流程

  • 熟悉淘宝、天猫、京东等主流电商渠道的运营环境、交易规则

  • 独立运营网上店铺的经验

  • 市场敏感度、数据分析能力

  • 优秀的中英文沟通能力


Main Responsibilities:


  • Select and develop branded merchandise in line with key brand identity for both online and onsite shop

  • Develop a range of exhibition merchandise reflecting current exhibitions and focus on photography

  • According to the company's strategic goals and annual business plan, formulate the operation strategy of the e-commerce channels, implement and supervise the implementation

  • Plan and manage marketing promotion, content planning, presentation outlook, customer service, and logistics at various e-commerce platforms (Tmall, Taobao, etc.) to achieve sales goals

  • Develop a monthly operation plan, refine the specific sales plan and promotion plan of the online store

  • Conduct in-depth marketing data analysis, evaluate channel effects, and propose optimization suggestions.

  • Implement product management, price management, and inventory management for both online and offline stores

  • Strategic allocate the annual budget, analyze and control various expenses

  • Determine and execute the purchase plan according to the actual sales volume and target sales volume




  • Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree

  • Familiar with the operation model and business process of e-commerce

  • Understand of transaction rules of mainstream e-commerce channels such as Taobao, Tmall, and JD.com

  • Market sensitivity, data analysis skills

  • Excellent communication skills in both Chinese and English

  • Proven experience in working with main EC platforms