Take Away from Webinar: Panel discussion on logistics, competitiveness and sustainability in transportation with Port of Gothenburg, Greencarrier and Ica Global Sourcing

On August 28th, SwedCham had the joy of inviting Claes Sundmark, Vice President at Port of GothenburgTero Ahonen, Managing Director Greater China at Greencarrier, and Christian Ulloa, Managing Director at ICA Shanghai to join as panelists in a discussion on logistics, competitiveness and sustainability in the transportation industry. Furthermore, the webinar was moderated by Søren Peter Gaarden, Head of Business Development and Sales Management at Scan Global Logistics.

All of these companies represent different parts of the same value chain within the transportation industry, and had a broad range of perspectives and experiences to share with us. The discussions surrounded the following topics:

  • Trends and competitiveness
    • What trends can be seen with regards to logistics, and what are the challenges or opportunities?
    • How does the trends impact strategic decisions, and what factors impact these decisions? How/Why?
    • How do you achieve a competitive position on the market, and how do you maintain it? What factors need to be considered?
  • Sustainability
    • How can companies work with environmental aspects of transportation and logistics? What goals can/should be set up?
    • What tangible actions can be taken to work towards a sustainable operation, and what affects do those measures have?
  • Digitization
    • What part does digitization play in all of this, and what impact will it have on companies?