Increasing climate focus for LKAB’s Chinese suppliers

“CO2-free 2045”, was the theme for LKAB Trading’s Supplier Day in China, a day that coincided with their 10-year-in China Anniversary. 

The combined event was held in Shanghai on November 30, with special focus on LKAB’s new strategy to help suppliers understand LKAB’s ambitions and what this can mean in opportunities as well as demands for suppliers.


Celebrating successes from local commitment in China

LKAB Trading in Shanghai was established 10 years ago to manage the LKAB groups procurement activities in China. The focus has all along been sustainability, quality and costs. A work that has been hugely successful and gained a lot of positive acclaim from industry peers.

“We were honored to be awarded Supplier of the Year this time from LKAB Trading, the journey working with LKAB and LKAB Trading is of great value to us, the focus was not only on quality and price, sustainability is always a key to our success from the beginning” says Eileen Zhang, overseas sales GM of Tonry Mining.


Evolving the successful supplier cooperations to encompass climate actions

The event was arranged as a hybrid event with speakers connecting digitally and sending in video greetings to the locally assembled team and partners. Anders Lundgren, Chief Sustainability Officer of LKAB Business Area Special Products connected from Sweden and explained “LKAB’s new strategy is leading the transformation of our industry towards a sustainable future. We need to work in partnerships to realize our goals, and at the same time our partners can hopefully follow along on our journey, strengthening their sustainability and climate work. Together, we can deliver a better tomorrow and increased competitiveness”.


A carbon neutral event

Feng Qian, the Principal Carbon Scientist of State Grid, held a keynote speech and offered low carbon training to LKAB’s suppliers that was both engaging and educational.


 In the end of the event Jie Liu, the Chief of Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange rewarded LKAB Trading a “Carbon Neutral Certificate” to thank for its support on renewable energy development in China by offsetting the entire event to Carbon Neutral.


“I believe all participants noticed the details of the event arrangements, includes the E-invitation, scanning QR code to get schedule and meeting contents, water station with glass instead of bottled water, and the venue itself is a LEED-Certified energy efficient building. Offsetting all GHG emission caused by the event is also sending all our suppliers a clear message” says James Wu, Managing Director of LKAB Trading.