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SwedCham Career is a professional platform consists of Nordic Career Fair, Job Portal, and Internships&Scholarships.

Nordic Career Fair

Nordic Career Fair is an annual professional event organized by SwedCham China (The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China) with jointed support from other nordic chambers and embassies. It is originated from the Swedish Career Fair which had over 30 exhibiting companies and 1000 visitors on average per year. The first Nordic Career Fair was held in 2021, Beijing.

Ranging from SMEs to MNCs, exhibitors at the career fair cover multiple industries. During the day, visitors also have the chance to participate in a panel discussion on the theme of Corporate Culture of Scandinavian Business.

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"This day full of personal impressions does lots to create more opportunities and awareness on good matches". In a constantly changing business environment, SwedCham believes that it is a Chamber's duty to be a Network, Information, and Facilitator platform for its members; and more importantly, to share its core values in the society."

- Johan Annell, Partner at Asia Perspective

"Annual Nordic job fair is a unique place with a sense of belonging. Not only a great opportunity for the graduates, elites to looking for their new career, but also a good time to share the knowledges and experiences about how feel working at Nordic companies. We are very happy to join, learn from the others, understand the people' interest and market needs."

- Emily Luo, Strategic Adviser at Velux China

"A great opportunity for Nordic companies to share, meet and gather from different industries. This gives us opportunity to share experiences, learn from each other. An annual opportunity for Nordic companies to brand the companies, culture, and values. A platform can attract talent that already in or have interests to transfer to Nordic companies, both for one's with experience and new graduates. "

- Melody Tian, HR Manager at Sandvik