Lesjöfors Group, in China, achieves international ISO medical industry certification. Lesjöfors 集团在中国获得ISO国际医疗行业认证


The Lesjöfors Group’s manufacturing plant in Changzhou, China, has passed the certification process for ISO 13485 - the medical industry's optimal medical device standard.

Lesjӧfors集团位于中国常州的工厂已经通过了ISO 13485的认证,ISO 13485是医疗行业的最佳医疗器械标准。

Global market leaders in spring and pressing manufacture, Lesjӧfors China is now officially recognized as meeting the vigilant regulatory compliance laws and exceptional high demands of its medical customers.

Lesjӧfors China是弹簧和冲压制造领域的全球市场领导者,目前已被正式认定为符合严格的监管法规和医疗客户的特殊高要求。

Medical futures医疗前景

The medical industry is constantly evolving and growing, partly due to an aging population. Innovations in drug delivery devices and diagnosis is not only improving a generations quality of life, but also enabling individuals to self-monitor and self-medicate.


Crucially sitting at the heart of many of these devices, and performing a vital function within the device application, are springs and pressings.


Mikael Andersson, VP Lesjöfors Asia says: “Lesjöfors is one of the largest global suppliers of springs and pressings to the medical sector and this recent certification in China takes us one step closer to achieving our strategic growth goals. Our ambition is to not only become the largest supplier but also to be seen as the preferred supplier of springs and pressings to the global medical industry. 

Lesjöfors亚洲区总裁Mr. Mikael Andersson表示:“Lesjöfors是全球医疗行业最大的弹簧和冲压件供应商之一,最近在中国获得的认证使我们离实现战略增长目标又近了一步。我们的目标不仅是成为最大的供应商,而且被视为全球医疗行业首选的弹簧和冲压件供应商。

We recognize that market growth for medical devices is stronger in Asia than in Europe and USA. Achieving the ISO 13485 medical certification is a comprehensive quality certification of our quality and manufacturing processes, enabling our China operation to be increasingly confident within the marketplace.”

我们认识到,与欧洲和美国相比,亚洲的医疗器械市场增长更为强劲。获得 ISO 13485 医疗认证是对我们的质量和生产流程的全面质量认证,使我们的中国业务在市场上越来越有信心。

Global procurement solutions 全球采购解决方案

The medical sector is known for developing projects worldwide, sourcing from a bank of global suppliers. Lesjӧfors’ global footprint, with spring and pressing manufacture operations across Asia, America and Europe, offers a one-stop-shop supply partner to meet the demands of the international medical marketplace.

医疗行业以在全球范围内开发项目而闻名,并从全球供应商库中进行采购。Lesjöfors 的足迹遍布全球,在亚洲、美洲和欧洲都设有弹簧和冲压生产基地,是满足国际医疗市场采购需求的一站式合作伙伴。

Andersson continues: “We appreciate companies have different sourcing strategies. We want to simplify procurement. Lesjofors’ global sales and manufacturing platform enables our customers to avoid supply chain risks as we’re geographically positioned to offer efficiencies. Our network of operations delivers a ‘local’ supply chain, reducing lead time risks within the purchasing cycle.”


Lesjӧfors’s China operation plays a significant role across Asia, not only in production for the Chinese market but also across global projects and exports. It’s company in Singapore is also certified to ISO 13485, enhancing the opportunities for the medical sector customer base.

不仅在中国市场的生产方面,而且在全球项目和出口方面, Lesjӧfors 的中国业务在整个亚洲发挥着重要作用。新加坡的公司也通过了ISO 13485认证,为医疗行业的客户群增加了机会。

Growth potential in Lesjöfors in Changzhou   Lesjöfors常州的增长潜力

Lesjöfors China has grown due to a recent production move from Shanghai into the Changzhou facilities. Production scope has expanded, with new capabilities including torsion springs, wire forms, extension springs and clock springs, in smaller wire sizes. This is in addition to compression springs, up to 8 mm, and stampings up to 200T.


Number one for sustainability  可持续性发展第一

In a first for the spring manufacturing industry, the Lesjӧfors Group’s near-term climate emission reduction targets have officially been validated by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi).


“We’re receiving an increasing number of enquiries from our customers concerning our sustainable values and it’s fantastic that we can respond to these needs,” concludes Andersson.

The Lesjӧfors Group’s position within the global medical sector is looking very healthy and with the recent ISO certification in China and SBTi validation, it is looking to get even healthier.