WirelessCar Free Webinar: How Can a Connected Car Transform the Car Rental Business Through Digital Services?

Free Webinar: How Can a Connected Car Transform the Car Rental Business Through Digital Services?


original link:  https://www.wirelesscar.com/webinar/

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Digital services based on connected car data has the power to transform businesses and generate many new opportunities.


Welcome to an insightful webinar about how they can be used to generate win-win benefits for car makers and rental car companies alike. During this webinar we will look at:


  • what rental car companies need to meet their customer requests, to enable more intelligent operations, and ultimately to grow & thrive in a very competitive industry,
  • ways they can benefit from having the right digital services embedded in their cars,
  • what car makers can do to support the car rental companies in a smart, straight-forward way.

It will be an interesting talk between Peter Håkanson, Product Manager B2B Solutions WirelessCar, Daniel Edman, Project Management Office Hertz Nordicand Matthieu Lainné, Business Development Manager (former Digital Vehicle Technology & Services General Manager at Nissan) WirelessCar.


WHEN? 19th May, 3-4PM CET

WHERE?  Teams Live (Invitation to be sent out after registration)


Signing Up Link:  https://www.wirelesscar.com/webinar/


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More about digital solutions that benefits the car rental business:


Make sure to also read our previous articles on connected car data for rental car companies, about the challengesbenefits, and solutions and more about our fleet data management solution. You are also very welcome to contact Peter Håkansson, Product Manager.



Elin Engkvist

Communication Officer elin.engkvist@wirelesscar.com


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