Welcome New Silver Partner – Oatly

Welcome to SwedCham and thank you @Oatly for becoming our Silver Partner

SwedCham is here for our members. We are dedicated to improving Sino-Swedish business ties and promoting the Swedish brand. Today we are honored to welcome Oatly as the new Silver Partner of SwedCham and to see that the Sino-Swedish business climate is getting stronger with the community springing up.

About Oatly

Oatly is the world’s original and largest oat drink company. For over 25 years, we have exclusively focused on developing expertise around oats: a global power crop with inherent properties suited for sustainability and human health. Our commitment to oats has resulted in core technical advancements that enabled us to unlock the breadth of the dairy portfolio, including alternatives to milk, ice cream, yoghurt, cooking creams, and spreads. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, the Oatly brand is available in more than 20 countries globally.

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