Welcome New Silver Partner: Nordea

Welcome to SwedCham and thank you @Nordea for becoming our Silver Partner

SwedCham is here for our members. We are dedicated to improving Sino-Swedish business ties and promoting the Swedish brand. Today we are honoured to welcome Nordea as the new Silver Partner of SwedCham and to see that the Sino-Swedish business climate is getting stronger with the community springing up.

About Nordea:

Nordea is the largest bank in the Nordics, and we have a long history in China with our representative office being set up in 1984. We have been operational as a licensed bank since 2008 and we have a long standing relationship with the Chinese authorities. Our office in Shanghai currently employs 30 people, all devoted to supporting our Nordic corporate clients with subsidiaries in China

For more information, please visit: https://www.nordea.com/en


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