Welcome New Silver Partner – LKAB

Welcome to SwedCham and thank you @LKAB for becoming our Silver Partner

SwedCham is here for our members. We are dedicated to improving Sino-Swedish business ties and promoting the Swedish brand. Today we are honoured to welcome LKAB as the new Silver Partner of SwedCham and to see that the Sino-Swedish business climate is getting stronger with the community springing up.

About LKAB

Far up in northern Sweden, inside the Arctic Circle, LKAB mines one of the world’s richest iron ore deposits. The company was established in 1890 and has been an important cog in Sweden’s export industry and industrial development for more than a century. The company has also been a reliable supplier and business partner to the European steel industry for the same length of time. LKAB’S Vision: We are leading the transformation of our industry towards a sustainable future. LKAB’s Mission: The innovative and competitive mining and processing of iron ore and minerals to produce climate-efficient quality products.

The world is facing a challenge caused by emissions that have characterized development in recent decades. The iron and steel industry accounts for one-quarter of total industrial carbon-dioxide emissions worldwide. At the same time, demand for steel is expected to increase by almost50 per cent by 2050. We provide the world with tomorrow’s resources and are setting a new world standard for the iron and steel industry of the future. Through consideration for the environment, the highest business ethics, digitalisation and innovation power, LKAB will assume a leading role in the transformation of our own industry, and over time, create conditions for a sustainable future. We contribute to vibrant communities with growth and prosperity today and for coming generations.

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