Tutorial 2 ‘How to post articles at SwedCham’s homepage’

Welcome to our Bulletin Tutorial Series and here we would like to guide and help you know how to use our internal system to manage your memberships, for example adding new members, posting job vacancies, publishing articles and much more.

(Please note that Only a Primary Member of the company has the authority to utilise certain functions such as introducing new members, posting articles and jobs.)

Our 2nd tutorial is about ‘How to post articles at Swedcham’s homepage’. By following the below instructions step-by-step, you will be able to share the latest, most interesting and inspiring stories and news with our readers. Well, let’s jump into it and get started.

  1. Click on: http://www.swedcham.cn, and then go to Login on the menu top right.
  2. Once you have logged in to the account, you will be able to see your Account Infomation as illustrated down below.
  3. Click the Bulletin Board Dashboard button and then you will be guided into the webpage as illustrated down below.
  4. Then click the Add New Post button up on the right side and then insert the contents as requested.
  5. Click the Create Post button and once the post have been approved by Swedcham, then the status of the article will be shown as Published, together the post will be shown on the first page of Swedcham homepage under Bulletin Board for Members.
  6. Congratulations that you have now managed to share and post articles that you would like to share with us at our website, Well done!

Hope our step-by-step instruction could help you to manage the membership system more easily and smoothly. And in the next tutorial, we would like to share tips about how to post job vacancies at our Job Portal, stay turned!

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us via: jonatan@swedcham.cn


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