The SAS Winter Program

The SAS Winter program – with flights to Scandinavia, and more connections to more important destinations in Europe✈️

We are happy to further improve connectivity as the demand for travel increases, and we continue to open up new destinations and more frequent flights. Fly with us to Scandinavia and visit the picturesque streets of the Danish capital, go skiing off the Norwegian mountain tops or see the northern lights in Sweden.

We will now fly more than 150 routes to 90 destinations during the winter 2021-2022, with connections to the Scandinavian capitals as well as to important destinations such as London, Brussels, Hamburg, Paris among else – not to mention to destinations popular among ski lovers; Zurich, Geneva, Munich, Östersund and more.

4 times EuroBonus points
Now it’s 4 times easier for EuroBonus members to keep or reach the next level in SAS EuroBonus. Members earn 4 times more qualifying points and flights for every trip with us between October 2021-January 2022

We fly you to Scandinavia with our Airbus A350, emitting around around 30% less than the aircraft it replaces. Welcome on board one of Europe’s most modern fleets💙

Our Winter Timetable

Flight Departure time Arrival time
SK997 Copenhagen-Shanghai 18:50 (Every Tuesday) 11:50 next day
SK998 Shanghai – Copenhagen 10:35 (Every Thursday) 15:20


See our full traffic program here:


北欧航空冬春航季航班计划 – 更多转接航班、更多目的地✈️


随着旅行需求的增加,我们不断开通新的目的地及增加航班班次,以进一步连通各地。乘坐我们的航班前往北欧, 在丹麦首都风景如画的街道上徜徉,从挪威白雪皑皑的山顶上滑雪飞驰而下或在瑞典观赏带来幸运的北极光……


2021至2022年冬春航季,我们开通了150多条航线飞往 90 个目的地,连接北欧各国首都以及伦敦、布鲁塞尔、汉堡、巴黎等重要目的地,还有滑雪爱好者的胜地苏黎世、日内瓦、慕尼黑、厄斯特松德等等。

2021 年 10 月至 2022 年 1 月期间,Eurobonus会员搭乘我们的航班可获得 4 倍有效积分。

SK998 上海-哥本哈根 每周四10:35起飞,当天15:20到达

SK997 哥本哈根-上海 每周二18:50起飞,次日11:50到达


我们使用空客 A350 带您飞往哥本哈根,新客机的碳排放量比它所取代的飞机减少约 30%。欢迎乘坐拥有欧洲最现代化机队之一的北欧航空的航班💙


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