Testimonials for Job Portal: It Is Straightforward and User-friendly

“Mercuri Urval China has been a frequent user of the Job Portal since its launch and is pleased with the functions and value it provides. The platform is straightforward and user-friendly, presenting a good addition to other search tools as well as visibility. It appears to attract views not only from organisations with Swedish business interest, but also appeals to other nationals.”

Julia Larsen-Disney, Principal Consultant Mercuri Urval China


“I mean there are many job-hunting websites in market, but why SwedCham’s Job Portal? Well, If you are looking for job positions in Swedish or Nordic companies in China, then it is the best place to look for! The positions are well featured with various companies and industries, most importantly, updated frequently! Highly Recommended if you are looking for working in a fika needed company! “

Jonatan Chang, Member Service Manager at SwedCham China

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