Take Away From Webinar: Weekly China News Flash with Michel Qin Zhao, VP, Head of Corporate Communications, Volvo Car APAC

Never Waste Crisis”  is an newly adopted and internal slogan of Volvo Car since the outbreak of the Covid-19  shared by our special guest Michel Qin Zhao, VP, Head of Corporate Communications, Volvo Car APAC on the SwedCham Weekly China News Flash Webinar last Friday on June 12.

During the webinar, Michel shared how Volvo car management team quickly reacted to the Covid-19 situation and their main reflections:

  • Never waste crisis, be proactive and it is a great opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. With this mindset, they have successfully overcome difficulties and boost the morale among their employees.
  • Fully untilzing the low business season to send their own employees and car dealers for training to develop their professional skills.
  • Paying attention to Digitalization Transformation which is hot and plays an important role in this situation. Worth trying new things out to better understand their customers during this uncertain times through the marketing platform Livestream, Taobao and Jingdong
  • The higher awareness of the importance of the supply chains and always good to have multiple supply chain suppliers.
  • Keeping employees safety is still their main task on a daily basis
  • Reflecting on what are the best practices internally and sharing those rich experience with your offices overseas just in case of the 2nd wave of epidemic

Watch the webinar: https://v.qq.com/x/page/m3080cgmtxq.html 

And Thanks to our speakers Lars-Ake Severin, CEO & Founder / Chairman of PSU (China) Consulting Co., Ltd. / SwedCham China, and Daniela Ling-Vannerus Cassmer, General Manager at SwedCham China with a quote “There is a sense that things, if you keep positive and optimistic about what can be done, do work out.”  by Hillary Clinton.

See the recommendations by PSU in below and welcome to download the full version of presentation by clicking the link PSU_Weekly_NewsFlash_20200612

  • Businesses should continue to plan for restrictions on foreign nationals entering China to remain largely in place, with only few exceptions
  • Businesses looking to urgently return essential staff to China will also need to navigate the complexities of the now emerging ‘Fast Track’ approval systems. Local embassies/consulates and regional branches of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (where staff are returning to) the best first ports of call
  • Businesses should continue to plan for logistical challenges facing local staff who need to frequently travel. While travel restrictions within China have been significantly eased, delays and complications can arise, especially in relation to the updating and management of Health Codes

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