Take Away From Webinar: Sustainable Supply Chains: Opportunities To Move Beyond Audit In The Wake Of COVID-19 – With Jens Helmersson, Founder Of Quizrr

On June 4th, SwedCham hosted a webinar on: Sustainable Supply Chains: Opportunities To Move Beyond Audit In The Wake Of COVID-19. It was a successful online event with the representatives from varied indursties including investment, food, fashion, technolgy, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail and consumer goods, consulting, governmental organization joining the webinar

Big thanks to Jens Helmersson, Founder and Global partnerships at Quizrr who shared a presentation on how the pandemic is affecting supply chains and the opportunities and challenges for business.

The Summary from the webinar:

COVID-19 Learnnings

– Be mindful of the impact COVID-19 is having on overtime, wages and worker documentation.

– Utilize worker engagement tools and surveys to find vulnerable worker scenarios as migrant and temporary workers.

-Use data and analytics to support current and emerging risks.

– Promote dialogue and social compliance.

– Strengthen dialogue with suppliers and build long term commitments


The opportunity

– Mounting pressure from consumers and growing business risk calls for action. Global brands need scalable and digital tools to operate responsibility agenda efficiently.

– Human capital defined as the biggest untapped potential of our times> Improving employee engagement leads to increased retention and improved productivity.

– An empowered workforce leadsto improved well-beingat the workplace and business results


Watch the webinar: https://v.qq.com/x/page/a0976fc37nt.html

Download Presentation: Quizrr Sustainable supply chains

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