Take Away from Webinar: Environmental Footprint Series: Enabling the Sustainability Transformation in Package Manufacturing

On September 24th we continued our Environmental Footprint Series on the topic of Enabling the Sustainability Transformation in Package Manufacture. As our guests we were lucky to have Chloe Lin, leader of Sustainability and Business Development Director at OATLY Greater China, and Angela Mou, Vice President at Tetra Pak APAC.


In this fantastic webinar, Angela Mou has enlightened us with the following insights:

  1. Global insights regarding global warming and food industry.
  2. Tetra Pak’s circular model of achieving the world’s most sustainable food package
  3. The fully renewable, recyclable and carbon neutral beverage package.
  4. Efficient production and distribution of the package manufacturing industry.
  5. Decrease carbon emission by recycling and replacing all fossil-based finite material all together.


And Chleo Lin has also inspired us with the following:

1.Oatly’s nutritional value in comparison with traditional milk product.

  1. Food industry’s impact on global climate and future demography.
  2. The mandate of changing the way we eate.
  3. Oatly’s life cycle assessment and its environmental commitment.
  4. Oatly’s Brista community program in China facilitating the hearing-handicapped community.
  5. How to become a Super Supplier that drives change throughout the value chain.


In case you missed it, rewatch the panel discussion down below!





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