Take Away From Webinar: Business As Usual? How To Act And React In The Times Of The Coronavirus

Yesterday, SwedCham China organized 2 sessions of Webinars with over 100 attendees joining worldwide, discussing the business impact of the COVID-19 virus in China.

The webinars were given by JOAKIM ABELEEN from Business Sweden, LENNART NILSSON from Embassy of Sweden in Beijing, and LISETTE LINDAHL from Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai, and moderated by Lars-Åke Severin, CEO of PSU China and Chairman of Swedcham China.



During the webinars, a survey conducted by SwedCham and Business Sweden on the business impact of the COVID-19 virus was presented to the attendees. Also, advice and perspectives regarding crisis management, business conduct, logistics, transportation, and food supply, medical contribution, etc. were shared.

In the Q&A session, our panelists have addressed the most concerned questions from the attending representatives of Swedish/Nordic companies and other institutions. Issues such as sources of information, business law, and regulation, local financial support, and subsidies, travel advice, etc., were discussed.

To see our detailed survey, please download the attached pdf: Webinar Survey 12 Feb 2020 – FINAL

Media coverage wise, Sveriges Radio and Dagens Nyheter have made editorials based on our survey and webinars.

One takeaway: adopting active approaches towards employees and customers:

  • Closely monitor policies of relevant locations
  • Leverage digital tools for business conduct
  • Ensure frequent and aligned communication
  • Adjust plans to take longer lead times into account
  • Leverage financial support and subsidies available

Also, a huge thank you to Team Sweden for their support!

Please keep an eye on the future webinars/events of SwedCham China.

Stay healthy!

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