Take away from webinar: A changing communications landscape: Managing stakeholder relations in China for Swedish businesses

On July 9, SwedCham China had the pleasure of having Tom Grimmer, Senior Partner at Kreab China, be the speaker on a successful webinar with +35 participants joining worldwide. Tom has lived in Mainland China and Hong Kong for 35 years and shared his perspective on the changes to China’s business landscape for foreign-owned companies during this time.

During the webinar Tom discussed risks and opportunities for Swedish businesses operating in China and how businesses can gain influence among internal and external stakeholders through communications as well as sharing experience and cases from other companies.

China first announced a foreign investment and opening up policy in 1978. Since then, China has introduced the new Foreign Investment Law and policies that are helping multinationals understand their opportunities for growth in China in the coming years. The landscape is rapidly changing, and significant challenges remain for Swedish companies to manage internal and external stakeholder relations and communications amid China’s rising international influence, geopolitical tensions and COVID-19’s global economic fallout.

This webinar cover these main questions:

  • How has China’s stance toward inbound foreign investment changed over the past three decades and what do these changes mean for Swedish companies currently operating in China?
  • What are the best ways to communicate the China situation for internal and external stakeholders?
  • What are the best practices for communication across multiple stakeholders, management levels and countries?

Listen to our SwedPod episode with Tom Grimmer: kreab china Tom Grimmer’s story from journalism to communications/

Download Presentation:2020 Kreab webinar presentation for SwedCham

Watch the webinar:

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