Swedish Enterprises Support The Fight Against Novel Coronavirus 瑞典企业全力支持,助力抗击疫情

In recent days, news about the epidemic situation of the Novel Coronavirus has kept many people awake. 

Here at SwedCham, we still want to bring some positive energy to cheer everyone up. After the epidemic, Swedish companies and individuals responded positively by doing their best to help fight the epidemic as soon as possible.




Ericsson works to complete the construction of 4 communication base stations in Wuhan.

On January 23, Wuhan requested the construction of Vulcan Mountain Hospital for the centralized treatment of patients with Novel Coronavirus.  Ericsson received an emergency mission-cooperated with Wuhan Mobile and Wuhan Unicom to open 4 base stations to ensure communication coverage and smooth communication at Vulcan Mountain Hospital.

Ericsson’s Wuhan customer service team organized two communication engineering commandos consisting of 18 engineering and optimization technicians within half a day, participated in the communication construction of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital, and on January 25 and 26 completed Hardware installation and commissioning of a communication base station.




Volvo sets up special funding to support vaccine development and donates RMB 10 million worth of emergency medical supplies and equipment to the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center and three hospitals for epidemic prevention and control.

Volvo Cars has set up a special fund to fight the new coronavirus, and the first batch of RMB 1 million donations is directed to support the development of a new coronavirus vaccine in Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center.





Blueair donates more than 100 air purifiers to five hospitals in Shanghai

On January 30, more than one hundred air purifiers donated by Blueair first arrived at five Shanghai hospitals (Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Huashan Hospital, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Shanghai Children Hospital).




EF provides more than 2000 hours of online English learning resources for free!

In order to support the work of “停课不停学” for education departments in various places, EF Education provides over 2000 hours of online interactive English learning resources that can meet the different English learning needs of children over 3 years old, adolescents and adults.

For adult English online self-study courses, please visit EF’s official website (ef.com.cn) to view the specific collection methods. Course resources are expected to be available on February 10 at the latest and continue until the end of the epidemic.

For children and youth courses please scan QR code below:





AstraZeneca donates RMB 1 million for epidemic prevention and control to the China Red Cross Foundation to support the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus infection in Wuhan.

AstraZeneca also aim to donate urgently needed medical supplies to relevant hospitals in Wuhan to support the local epidemic prevention and control work.



H&M donates RMB 1 million to the Wuhan Charity Federation to support the frontline fighting and prevention work in Wuhan.

In consideration of the safety and health of the employees and customers of the stores in the epidemic area, all stores in H&M’s Wuhan area have been closed. They will continue to pay attention to changes in the epidemic situation and make arrangements and notifications for reopening hours.





We hope that with the joint efforts of medical staff, enterprises, all sectors of society and the country, we can soon win the battle!