Swedish AfterWork Sponsorship Agreement

In 2020 the SwedCham has organized 152 events among which a great amount of them are after work events related to Swedish companies with more than 30 people attending each event on average. In deed are the after work events an opportunity for companies to gain more exposure in public. By co-collaborating with the SwedCham can companies promote their brands to a higher level.

The sponsorship benefits include:

– The Company name and logotype exposed in all advertisement of the event.

– The Company is allowed to bring graphic material to the event (i.e. brochures,

roll-ups, promoting video etc.)

– The Company is given the opportunity to present itself during the event. ( About

10 minutes )


Are you interested in becoming our sponsor for an afterwork event? Contact us via email!

Beijing: jaycee@swedcham.cn

Shanghai: ida@swedcham.cn


To know more about the agreement please read the file below:

Swedish AW_Sponsorship Agreement

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