SwedCham Team-building Souvenir: Summit Challenge

SwedCham Team-building Souvenir: Summit Challenge

SwedCham lovers: sorry that we slightly broke your heart because we were not really heading to METAVERSE (see the April fool’s joke here) However, we are coming close! Given the current situation, SwedCham China had a special team-building event on April 12, 2022. We “concurred the summit” which not only made us stronger as a team but also gave us a lot of fun! Best of all, we actually made a direct impact on the environment!

Tick-tock, we were running out of time…Must hit the summit before 12 PM. Luckily the whole SwedCham China team did that and made great impacts!

The visual expedition was a journey full of joyful surprises. In addition, what came afterwards from the facilitator was truly valuable:

Big thanks to TEAMBUILDING ASIA for providing such a fun experience to bond within the team. Bearing all the takeaways in mind, we look forward to overcoming the next physical challenge with bright attitudes and laughters!


SwedCham Souvenir Booklet 12APR2022

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