SwedCham China Honorary Award 2022: OATLY

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China Honorary Award 2022
Proudly delivered to: OATLY

Oatly has achieved a remarkable success in the Chinese market in a relatively short period of time and has become the category creator and dominant brand in a number of market segments.

Oatly stands out as one of few large scale success stories among Swedish food products in China to date. Not only has Oatly been able to build a foreign food product into a local must-have product but Oatly has also been successful in a number of local R&D projects that generate localized products with even greater potential in the China market.

Last but not least, we congratulate Oatly on successfully overcoming challenges and establishing a state of the art production facility in China.

We believe Oatly represents Sweden and SwedCham’s aspirations well as it shows strong evidence of innovation, localization, entrepreneurship as well as as strong emphasis on sustainability whilst providing an important solution to the climate change challenge.

On behalf of the Main board, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China

May 13, 2022

Ludvig Nilsson, Chairman

Daniela Ling-Vannerus Cassmer, General Manager


OATLY & SwedCham in a nutshell:


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