Sustainability, Part of Everything They Do

Recently, ASSA ABLOY launched a global sustainability campaign to encourage their employees to make sustainable choices, and to describe how these choices can guide them to achieve strategic objectives, and therefore cultivate culture of sustainability.


With the concept of “caring for our future together”, ASSA ABLOY kicked off the campaign with social media feeds and one sustainability film, highlighting how ASSA ABLOY is contributing to our planet and future. There are social media posts about company products are derived from sustainability efforts. The effort was supported with facts and figures to give an essence of what they do and how they do in becoming a more responsible company.


Offering Sustainable Products

ASSA ABLOY believes that sustainability is an integral part of product innovation, from the beginning of concept stage to end of life. They aim to lead the industry towards an environmental friendly future by offering selections of sustainable products. For example, reduction in energy consumption in buildings, choice in cleaner energy that is easier to recycle. The sustainability compass directs the company towards a life-cycle approach in raising the profile of sustainability-related design. As a result, this will also indirectly enhance customer value by being environmentally friendly and efficient.


ASSA ABLOY offers great sustainable products to the market, not just in how the products are produced, but in how they can assist customers to become more sustainable in action by reducing their own energy consumption. For example, they help hotel clients replace their plastic keycards with mobile access and wooden keycards. With the mobile access, clients improve security, comfort and convenience, and they also contribute to plastic waste reduction.


Sustainability in Daily Operation

ASSA ABLOY promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth by integrating sustainability into how they operate. Sustainability is embedded in their strategic objectives and is integrated into all levels of the organization to decrease impact on the environment by reducing the resources used in operations.


ASSA ABLOY continuously works to recycle, reuse and reduce consumption of water, waste and material, to ensure that it responsibly manages resources. During 2021, ASSA ABLOY reduced water intensity by 23%. Absolute carbon footprint was reduced by 17% against the 2019 baseline.

通过回收、再利用,减少水、废物和材料的消耗、确保资源的妥善管理等措施。亚萨合莱2021 年用水能耗降低了 23%。与 2019 年相比,碳足迹减少了 17%。

Sustainability, Core of Future Success

It may be difficult to associate sustainable lifestyle with mechanical locks, smart locks, and automated sliding doors. Nevertheless, ASSA ABLOY believes that sustainability is the key element of future success, they embed it in everything they do to achieve a safe and sustainable future. ASSA ABLOY sets parameters in addressing climate change with science-based targets, limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Halving the absolute carbon emissions by 2030, and a net-zero no later than 2050. Being sustainable may not be the first impression when it comes to access solutions, as a responsible player in the industry, ASSA BLOY is dedicated to becoming a sustainable company in all dimensions.

人们可能很难将机械锁、智能锁、自动开关门和可持续的生活方式联系起来。尽管如此,亚萨合莱始终坚信可持续发展是未来成功的关键,为创造一个安全和可持续的未来,亚萨合莱视可持续发展为企业发展的核心。设定了科学的目标应对气候变化,为全球气温上升幅度限制在 1.5°C而努力;计划在2030 年实现碳排放量减半;2050年前实现净零碳。虽然安防解决方案和可持续发展似乎并不相关,但是作为行业领导者之一,亚萨合莱致力于成为一家真正的可持续发展公司。


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