Stora Enso launches PFAS-free food grade formed fiber products in China

[November 1, 2022, Shanghai, China] Stora Enso China Packaging launches a new generation of food grade formed fiber products without PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in China, featuring break-through technology that meets the demand of high temperature endurance and dense oil repellency in the Chinese take-away food packaging sector. By replacing single use plastic packaging with renewable, recyclable and biodegradable solutions, this marks Stora Enso’s endeavor to develop sustainable and innovative packaging solutions without PFAS in its food grade formed fiber products in the Chinese market.

The market demand for innovative formed fiber food containers has rapidly grown due to the nationwide introduction of single use plastic packaging ban and increasing environmental awareness among Chinese consumers. In the past, food grade formed fiber products with PFAS have been widely used to meet the demand of oily and high temperature food application in China.


However, as a large group of chemicals widely used in industrial and consumer applications, certain PFASs are suspected to be carcinogenic, immunotoxic and endocrine disruptors with potential harm to human health and the environment. Therefore, the use of PFAS is heavily regulated in the EU and only certain PFASs are allowed to be used in food contact materials.

Thus, Stora Enso has made breakthrough technology innovations to phase our PFAS in its new generation food grade formed fiber products while featuring superb oil-resistant functionality at high temperatures even above 100°C, which is ideal for the catering and takeout food packaging in China.

The new generation food grade formed fiber products by Stora Enso fully meet food contact standards of China which are ideal to replace single use plastic food containers and other formed fiber products with PFAS in the market. The application includes food plates, food bowls, clamshells, cups and cup lids for all

kinds of take-away food packaging. The products are made in Stora Enso Qian’an plant with scalable production capacity according to the market feedback and customer demands.

“Stora Enso has always attached great importance to the product safety and environmental protection of food packaging. PFAS free food grade formed fiber products made of renewable and biodegradable materials are not only ideal alternatives to traditional single use plastic food containers, but also avoid potential harm to the environment and human health compared with those food containers with PFAS. With continuous product innovation, we will provide more renewable, recyclable and biodegradable food packaging to the Chinese market in the future.” said Magnus Fredriksson, SVP, Head of APAC at Packaging Solutions, Stora Enso.

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