Statement regarding SVT’s “Svenska Nyheter” from Sept. 21, 2018

Beijing, 26 Sept. 2018

中国瑞典商会就瑞典SVT电视台讽刺短剧“Svenska Nyheter”栏目于2018921日播出的内容发表以下评论:

该节目播出了描写来瑞典旅游的中国游客的两分钟“信息短片”。因为这部短片含有讽刺性质,中国瑞典商会表示深切关心我们的会员、合作伙伴、 朋友及家人的感受, 因为短片所提供的影像内容负面而极易被视作冒犯,甚至被视为是种族歧视。



林奇辉 (Lars-Åke Severin)

冯茂天 (Martin Vercouter)


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China would like to make the following comments regarding the satirical segment “Svenska Nyheter” that aired on the Swedish television channel SVT on September 21, 2018:

The show in question contains a two-minute “Information Film” for Chinese tourists travelling in Sweden. While this film is intended to be satirical, we are deeply concerned about the image it provides to members, partners, friends and families in the Chinese community since it contains negative stereotypes in a manner that can easily be seen as offensive or even racist.

We find this “Information Film” highly regrettable, and not representative of the views that the Swedish people hold of the Chinese people. Swedish companies, for example, are highly attractive employers, boasting a lower-than-average employee turnover due in particular to their open and inclusive culture.

We fully recognize the importance of upholding the freedom of speech, and free expression of individuals. As such, it should be recognized that the responsibility for the content lies with its producer alone.


Lars-Åke Severin
Chairman of the Board

Martin Vercouter
General Manager