Statement From SwedCham China Regarding Fast Track Procedures Between Sweden & China

Dear Member,

Concerning the current situation due to Covid-19 and the consequences for our member companies executives not being able to get into China at this moment, we want to remind that SwedCham China is a non-governmental and private organization with no consular authorities. 

For any questions concerning Fast Track possibilities between Sweden and China, we refer to Swedish Foreign Ministry, Swedish Embassy in Beijing, and Swedish Consulate in Shanghai.

As a Team Sweden member, we do help, within our scope of possibilities, the above governmental organizations and have already done so by collecting data on the current situation with executives outside of China amongst our member companies.

However much we would like to be able to help these executives to come back to China in the current situation, we don’t have the authorities to do so, the way that the German Chamber of Commerce have been able to do, as in turn, they are a Government institution.

In the mean time, SwedCham China continues to deliver high value to its members through pertinent information flow with the help of webinars on the current situation.

Daniela Ling-Vannerus Cassmer, General Manager SwedCham China
Lars-Åke Severin, Chairman SwedCham China

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