SKF- GOLDWIND-IVL丨 A model of green and low-carbon cooperation, promoting the low-carbon development of China and Sweden

SKF- GOLDWIND-IVL丨 A model of green and low-carbon cooperation, promoting the low-carbon development of China and Sweden

With the progress of carbon neutrality in various industries around the world, enterprises have ushered in new challenges and opportunities.

In particular, the management model of carbon neutrality in the whole life cycle of products has been gradually strengthened, and enterprises are fully moving towards carbon neutrality in product production, energy use, industrial park and factory management, etc.

Over the years, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has been making a high-end cooperation platform in the field of clean technology and low-carbon development between China and Sweden, and has created a lot of excellent cooperation projects. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and SKF are carrying out strategic cooperation to jointly carry out low-carbon environmental protection research and innovative project practice, empowering carbon emission reduction in the whole value chain from bearing products, whole life cycle LCA calculation and standard, International EPD certification, clean technology application and other areas.

SKF and GOLDWIND have joined hands to build the first smart energy and carbon management system in SKF’s Dalian factory. The parties have also cooperated to use green electricity to lower the carbon emission of their industry park and production plants. In 2021, SKF has become 5-star green supplier of GOLDWIND.

In 2021, with technical supports of IVL experts, GOLDWIND‘s GW155-4.5 and GW136-4.2 wind turbines using SKF’s “green and low-carbon bearings”, get China’s first EPD certification for wind turbine, which brings great milestone repercussions in the industry.

In the field of carbon neutrality, SKF, GOLDWIND and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute have built up an alliance through series of projects cooperation. In the next step, SKF, IVL, and GOLDWIND will deeper the green cooperation in zero-carbon parks, green and low-carbon bearings, and carbon neutrality in the whole life cycle, and gradually expand the circle of cooperative partners. Three parties will continue to build a model of carbon neutrality cooperation between China and Sweden.




2021年,采用SKF“绿色低碳轴承”的金风科技GW GW155-4.5和GW136-4.2两款风机,在IVL的帮助下完成了全生命周期环境影响评估,并发布中国首个风机环境产品声明(Environmental Product Declaration)。





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