Questionnaire Of Enterprises’ Demands Under The Impact Of The Epidemic

“The questionnaire of enterprises’ demands under the impact of the epidemic” requested by Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center

为了深入了解当前北京市疫情防控政策落地情况及企业最新发展诉求,为后续相关政策完善与出台提供有益参考,北京市投资促进服务中心与北京蓝色智慧管理咨询中心联合开展企业调研活动,诚请贵商会会员企业填写提交《疫情冲击下的企业诉求调研问卷》。(To further understand the implementation of Beijing epidemic prevention and control policies, and the latest demands of enterprises, so that to provide useful reference for the improvement and introduction of relevant policies. Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center and Beijing Blue Wisdom Consulting Center jointly carry out the questionnaire survey, sincerely invite your member companies to fill in and submit 《The questionnaire on enterprise demands under the impact of the epidemic》.)

调研问卷采用在线填写方式,请通过网页链接或扫描所附二维码,识别进入问卷页面进行填写。(The questionnaire will be filled in online. Please through web link or scan the attached QR code to enter the questionnaire page. )

请贵商会会员企业于2020年4月30日(周四)下班前在线提交填好的调研问卷。我们非常重视贵商会企业的反馈结果和提出的宝贵建议,将严格保密问卷中涉及的任何企业信息。(We’d like to invite SwedCham member companies to submit the completed online questionnaire before April 30, 2020 (Thursday). We attach great importance to your member companies’ feedback and valuable suggestions, and any corporate information involved in the questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential.)


(Sincerely thank you for your great support towards our work.)

北京市投资促进服务中心(Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center)


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