SwedPod: Kreab China – Tom Grimmer Story – From Journalism to Communications

In our second episode, we talk to Tom Grimmer, Senior Partner at Kreab China about his sustainable lifestyle in building the first Passive House on Vancouver Island. Then Tom tells us about how he ended up in China in the 80s, why he transited his career from journalism to communications, and his experience managing a foreign branch in China.


Photos of Tom in China in the 1980s


Photos of Tom’s Passive House on Vancouver Island









The five key elements of a Passive House

1. Insulation
2. Thermal-bridge-free construction
3. Passive house windows
4. Airtightness
5. Heat recovery ventilation

From Tom: I do not use a sub-soil heat exchanger in my place (there is one indicated as an option in this drawing below).  I use an air-to-water heat pump, which works on similar principles.