SWEDPOD EPISODE 10: From Peru to China – Peter Ling-Vannerus: 16 years of the Exotic Expat Journey with SEB

In the 10th SwedPod episode,  we meet Mr. Peter Ling-Vannerus, the Chief Representative at SEB Beijing office. Started his career in Peru, Peter has more than 16 years exotic and splendid experinece of working with SEB in seven different countries on five continents. “ The whole experience has been challenging and rewarding. The more you move, the more you know the tricks how to integrate

with local cultures and people” Peter says. You will hear the fascinating history of Wallenberg family business and it’s close connection with SEB, the inside story of SEB as a
pioneer in the green bond market
; the future of the Metaverse from the perspective view as a banker and also Peter shares his favorite winter sports and how to cope with challenges and stress
during COVID-19 Pandemic.