Nordic Match Hosts Annual Summer Party And Celebrates Its Fifth-year Anniversary

Nordic Match hosts annual summer party and celebrates its fifth-year anniversary

On Saturday 23rd of July, Nordic Match celebrated its fifth-year anniversary, by hosting a summer party together with the corporate executives in the Sinordic community in Shanghai.

In 2022, Nordic Match decided to further accelerate its market expansion towards full Nordic coverage, by entering into the Danish market headed by Klaus Björkgren, to better serve the leading Danish corporates and institutions with their ambitious strategies towards China and beyond. In addition, several strategic growth initiatives have been taken to further strengthen Nordic Match´s capabilities to serve its key clients in the Nordic region, as well as accommodating an increasing interest from the Chinese strategic players in the Nordics.

Tony Wang, Partner at Nordic Match said:

“The founding principle of Nordic Match five years ago was to make it easier for Nordic companies to invest in China, and our principle till today hasn’t changed – we strongly believe Nordic companies should find China as an attractive and important market for its products and technologies, but also for the great values and cultures.

In 2022, the world is experiencing one of the hottest summers in the history and a grave challenge that we need to tackle together. At Nordic Match, we will going forward also start offering Green Advisory with the purpose to promote more sustainability related M&A opportunities between China and the Nordics. We believe there are strong demand for green technologies and solutions across China and Nordics, and we hope be part of this important transition.”




2022年,诺迈进一步加快市场扩张计划以实现对北欧的全面覆盖,由Klaus Björkgren领衔开拓丹麦市场,以更好地服务于丹麦领先企业和机构对中国和其他地区的宏伟战略。此外,诺迈还采取了一系列的战略举措,以进一步加强诺迈为客户提供服务的能力,并满足中国战略参与者对北欧地区日益增长的兴趣。

诺迈合伙人Tony Wang说:



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