Need Fapiao? It’s easier than you thought! 还在为开发票而忧愁?

How to apply for Fapiao with SwedCham 

I. Requiring Fapiao when book the events.

No doubt the easiest way to apply for Fapiao is at the moment when you are booking the events with us.

Method 1. At the event invitation page as illustrated:Method 2. At the registration form as illustrated:

But you might have missed all those and realised afterwards that you have forgotten to apply for Fapiao when you have already booked the events? Do not worry and please read continuously…

II. Requiring Fapiao after registration?

Have you forgotten to apply for Fapiao when you book the events? Don’t worry, kindly scan the QR Code down below and fill in the required information. If you cannot scan the code, please click here.

Do not understand Chinese when fill in the info? We got a solution!

.                                         .           

Please Note:

  1. It is very important to fill in the correct information especially the Company Entity Name in Chinese and tax number. And you may not receive the Fapiao if you fill in the wrong info. Please kindly ask your colleagues or friends for help if you have difficulties reading or typing in Chinese.
  2. Considering our planet and the environment, we only issue E-General VAT Fapiao (增值税普通电子发票), thank you for your understanding and supporting the sustainability. 
  3. The E-General VAT Fapiao (增值税普通电子发票) will be sent to your email address within 7 days after the completed event or within 7 days after we have received your Fapiao application, and we appreciate your patience. 
  4. This tutorial is ONLY valid for those who are applying the General VAT Fapiao (增值税普通发票). If you need Fapiao of the Membership fee or Special VAT Fapiao (增值税专用发票, 且开票金额在 10000 元以上), please kindly contact: 

If you still have questions applying for Fapiao, please contact:



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