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Position: FPGA Engineer 逻辑开发工程师

Company: AFRY

Location: Chengdu Type: Full-time Posted: 2022-11-29 Deadline: Contact Person: Contact Details:
FPGA Engineer逻辑开发工程师

1.Responsible for FPGA requirement analysis, simple system architecture design, function definition, module division负责FPGA需求分析,简单系统架构设计,功能定义,模块划分

2.Code design, simulation, system constraints, white box testing


3.Code review, Joint debugging


1.Bachelor/Master degree, major in Engineering or equivalent本科或硕士学位,通信/电子/计算机科学或相关专业

2.3year+ experience in FPGA design experience, familiar with VHDL/ Verilog /SystemVerilog

3年以上逻辑开发经验,熟悉VHDL ,Verilog or SystemVerilog 硬件描述语言

3.Familiar with Xilinx/Intel architecture and have relevant development experience

熟悉Xilinx ,Intel芯片架构,具有相关开发经验

4.Master FPGA verification methods, Vunit / UVM experience is preferred

掌握FPGA验证方法,有Vunit/UVM 经验者更佳

5.Master Place & Route, timing knowledge


6.Familiar with Ethernet, CPRI protocol, TCL/Python script

熟悉以太网, CPRI 协议, 熟悉TCL/Python 脚本

7.Common control interfaces design (e.g. AMBA AXI, DDR, Highspeed SerDes.)

有通用接口设计经验(例如AMBA AXI,DDR, Highspeed SerDes)

8.Good English verbal communication skill, fluent in reading and writing skill


Preferred (as a plus)


1.Radio Design or Verification experience


2.Broader knowledge of Telecom, ICT, Automotive and other industries



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