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Position: Automotive System ENgineer in Cybersecurity 汽车系统工程师-网络安全领域

Company: AFRY

Location: Chengdu Type: Full-time Posted: 2022-11-29 Deadline: Contact Person: Contact Details:
Automotive System Engineer in Cybersecurity汽车系统工程师—网络安全领域
1.Define and specify Cybersecurity requirements for automotive定义并明确汽车的网络安全要求2.Be responsible for performing Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment according to ISO21434


3.Documentation and maintenance of the cybersecurity work products


1.Bachelor/Master’s degree, major in computer science or electrical engineer or vehicle engineering or equivalent计算机科学,电气工程师或车辆工程专业本科/硕士或同等学历2.5+ year experience for automotive system development


3.Knowledge or experience in Cybersecurity for Automotive, ISO21434


4.Knowledge in UN-ECE R155, Cybersecurity Management System

具备UN-ECE R155,网络安全管理系统的知识

5.Good communication skill in English


AFRY是一家全球化工程,设计,咨询公司。我们帮助客户推动数字化与可持续发展进程。在全球有19,000多名专家,致力于在基础设施工业和能源领域为下一代创造可持续的解决方案。开创未来!AFRY is a European leader in engineering, design, and advisory services, with a global reach. We accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society.We are 19,000 devoted experts in infrastructure, industry, energy and digitalisation, creating sustainable solutions for generations to come.

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