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Position: 制浆工艺专家(全球)

Company: AFRY

Location: Shandong Type: Full-time Posted: 2022-11-29 Deadline: Contact Person: Contact Details:

Lead and participate the following tasks:主导并参与如下工作:

  • Technical consulting study, e.g. Process optimization and debottlenecking.
  • 技术咨询类研究工作如:工艺优化及去瓶颈
  • Project engineering phases, e.g. feasibility study, basic and detail Engineering.
  • 工程设计各阶段,如可行性研究、基本设计及详细设计
  • Client relationship development and sales support (Technical).
  • 客户关系拓展及销售支持(技术支持)
  • Site services if needed.根据需要参与项目现场服务
  • Pulp and paper technology background.制浆造纸技术专业背景。
  • 10 years experiences in pulp & paper industry, e.g. recycle fiber, chemical pulp, mechanical pulp.10年以上浆纸行业经验,如回收浆/化学浆/机械浆经验。
  • Engineering company/ main suppliers/overseas projects working experience preferred.具有国内外工程咨询公司/行业知名设备供货商/海外项目经验优先。
  • Fluent verbal and written English is a must.具备良好的英语口语及书面表达能力。
  • Solid computer skills in Microsoft office and engineering design tools.掌握基本微软办公系统及工程设计软件。
  • Good communication and coordination capability.良好的人际交往能力和协调能力。
  • Positive, integrity, proactive and responsible.工作积极努力,诚实正直,积极主动,诚信负责。



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