Getinge – Building A Sustainable Business To Drive Customer Value

Building a sustainable business to drive customer value | 构建可持续性发展的业务,推动实现客户价值

Sustainability is an integral part of Getinge’s business and one of the aims is to secure long-term value creation for our customers.


In 2020, Getinge has announced the target to become CO2 neutral by 2025 and been engaged in achieving the Paris agreement goals of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels.

2020年,Getinge已宣布计划于 2025 年之前成为碳中和企业,并致力于实现《巴黎协定》中将全球变暖限制在比工业化前水平高 1.5°C。

Getinge China also put a lot of effort to work actively to minimize the negative environmental footprint. The actions include updating the vehicle fleet, having new travel routines and finding smarter logistic alternatives etc.


Moreover, another import action is using renewable energy source.


In early 2022, Getinge Suzhou factory started to use dispersed photovoltaic power generation system

2022初, Getinge 苏州工厂正式引入了分布式光伏发电系统。

Photovoltaic power generation is a power generation method that can convert solar radiation energy into electric energy directly via solar photovoltaic cells. And the dispersed photovoltaic power generation system is the one that should be built on the roof of the building. It needs to combine with the public grid to supply the power to the users.


It effectively solves the problem of power loss in boost and long-distance transportation, and is a new-typed and development mode for comprehensive utilization of power generation and energy sources



(Before installation 改造前)

The dispersed photovoltaic power generation system is located on the roofs of two buildings in Getinge Suzhou factory. With a total 12,000 m2 construction area and 1MWp installed capacity, Solar energy accounts for 30% of the total electricity consumption, effectively reducing traditional power consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Getinge 苏州工厂的分布式光伏发电系统建设总面积12000m2,工程总装机容量1MWp,主要置于工厂两大厂房的屋顶,投入使用后,太阳能用电量占总用电量的30%,有效减少了传统电能消耗、降低二氧化碳排放量。

(After installation改造后)

Sustainability is one of Getinge’s top priorities and we will continue to build a sustainable business that generates even more value for our customers.

可持续发展是Getinge 的首要任务之一,我们将继续携手努力,致力于支持医疗保健及生命科学领域的发展,为我们的客户创造更多价值,为环境和社会的可持续发展做出贡献。

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