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Company Profile

Established in 2003, Good Enterprise Limited (“GEL” for short) is one of the world leaders in the service range of multilingual translation, software localization, technical writing or authoring, product photo & video, voiceover, dubbing & subtitling and desktop publishing (DTP) etc. Our mission is to help all companies around the world enhance global brand consistency and accelerate time-to-market by providing services, solutions and tools to manage the delivery of all corporate content into different languages. Recently, GEL decided to set up a branch office in Europe (Sweden or any European country, depending on where the talents are located), responsible for expanding European market. 

Shenzhen Headquarters: Room 1608, Vanke Fuchun Dongfang Building, No. 7006, 

Shennan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, P. R. China (note: all the job interviews will be arranged via online mode or by face to face meeting)

European Branch Office: Sweden or any European country, depending on where the talents are located.

Sales Representative for European market

Basic requirements:

  1. Age: below 35
  2. Sex: male or female
  3. Education: above college

Position descriptions:

  1. Responsible for developing and expanding multilingual translation businesses in European market, especially in Western European countries and Scandinavian countries.
  2. Use tradeshows, exhibitions, conferences and forums provided by the company to learn more about the trends and latest news of multilingual translation services in European market and find possible clients accordingly.
  3. Use such social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as phone calls, emails and Skype to approach possible clients for pinpoint marketing.
  4. Other jobs assigned by the company’s leaders.

Professional qualifications:

  1. Very good at English language in listening, speaking, reading and writing (i.e. working language) in addition to the talents’ mother language. It will be more preferable if the talents have some knowledge about Chinese culture and language (but this is NOT a must!).
  2. Have at least one year of working experience in marketing products or service in European market and have a very good understanding of the local business cultures and environments. It would be highly appreciated if the talents worked with a transnational company as a technical documentation specialist, a translation/localization project manager or in the department of technical documentations or translation/localization service or desktop publishing.
  3. European permanent residents are preferable while overseas Chinese students or returned overseas Chinese must have at least one year of working visa for Europe by themselves (note: the company will not provide working visa for its employees in foreign countries).
  4. Very familiar with sales and marketing channels via internets and exhibitions and have good abilities of market development, sales and promotions, communications and negotiations.
  5. Very good at all kinds of office software applications.
  6. Welcome international students in China or university exchange students in China!

Remuneration and welfares:

  1. Salary and welfares: negotiated during the interview (according to local European standard salary and social welfares like labor protection, insurance and holidays etc.)
  2. Working venue/place: Sweden or any European country

Resume receiver:  

Mr. David Huang

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