Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solar in Mainland China White Paper | 中国工商业屋顶太阳能电站白皮书

Executive Summary

Thanks to a range of innovative technical developments, transitioning to solar energy has never been more affordable for businesses. Over the last decade, the costs for solar systems have decreased dramatically in favour of the buyer. As a result, a solar energy system purchase not only pays for itself, but it gives businesses the option to lower costs and lock-in decades of predictable energy expenses, replacing fossil fuel based electricity with clean and green energy.

This white paper covers the basic of commercial and industrial solar energy in Mainland China, explaining the options available, their respective benefits and what you should consider before moving forward with a solar project.

While starting a solar project may seem daunting, Greenfield is here to help. With over 108 years of cumulative team experience in the renewable energy field, Greenfield knows how to successfully deploy solar installations, providing superior technology, solar policy analysis, project financing, site analysis, educational tools, and a host of other tools, support and consulting.

From site assessment to installation to operation and maintenance (O&M), Greenfield can help ensure your solar project proceeds as smoothly as possible and produces reliably for the long-term.


得益于一系列创新技术的发展,企业从使用传统能源向使用太阳能源过渡在今天已变得轻松且负担起。在过去的十年里,太阳能系统成本已大幅下降且极大地利好买方市场。 因此,采购一套太阳能发电系统不仅可以让企业从其产出的能源中赚回成本,还能为企业提供可靠的降低未来数十年能源成本支出的选择,以及使用清洁绿色能源替代化石能源的环保效益。





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