Chinese R&D Team Got a Global Prize: HxGN Machine Trainer Wins Global Industrie Awards 中国研发·全球获赞:海克斯康数控五轴模拟机获全球工业大奖

近日,由海克斯康中国团队主导、全球团队合力研发的海克斯康智教-数控五轴模拟训练机(HxGN Machine Trainer)荣获2022年全球工业大奖赛技术类大奖。

Recently, HxGN Machine Trainer won the 2022 Global Industrie Awards in Peripheral technology. The research and development of the laureate is led by Hexagon’s Chinese team with the cooperation of its global team.


Based on the exhibits of Global Industrie (GI), the Global Industrie Awards (GIA) rewards the exhibitors for their ability to develop products, services and knowledge. It is designed to honor industry professionals and product technologies that have contributed to improving product performance, optimizing production tools, or enhancing corporate resource planning. As one of the largest and most prestigious industrial exhibitions in the world, the Global Industrie plays a decisive role in establishing relationships between customers and subcontractors. Hexagon’s HxGN Machine Trainer has also participated in the Global Industrie started from May 17th to May 20th, where it gained the attention and general recognition of French and European customers.


HxGN Machine Trainer proceeds from the needs of China’s vocational education, taking a broad view over the development of the global intelligent industrial reserve. The trainer provides a simulation teaching program of CNC machine tools that simulates multi-axis CNC machine’s processing scenarios. By organically combining actual operation with the professional virtual simulation training with industrial grade, it solves several pain points of the vocational education in the field of CNC machine tool, such as high investment in hardware equipment, operational safety risks, as well as wear and tear, maintenance costs. It improves the teaching efficiency while reducing the teaching costs.


As mentioned in its presentation of the Global Industrie Awards, HxGN Machine Trainer provides attractive and safe training at a low cost. The establishment of the digital twin can realistically simulate the predefined scenarios of collisions, shutdowns or abnormal situations, enabling students to understand right hand gestures and industrial safety procedures, as on a flight simulator. In addition, the machine can be used in companies both as a learning and safety tool for new recruits and as a collaboration tool for new projects between R&D departments and machine operators. It holds application significance in both aspects of cost control and safe utility.


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