Every Fall and Spring the Shanghai and Beijng offices recruit interns. The internships lasts for 3-6 months, and offer you the opportunity to peer into the Sino-Swedish business world, and enable you to start building and expanding your network, with experienced and diverse individuals.

The internship role include: creating marketing content and articles about Sino-Swedish businesses, planning and executing upcoming events, contacting members and member companies, and assisting in daily tasks.

Disclaimer: The internship is unpaid, thus it is recommended that the intern be registered at a Swedish university in order to receive CSN or be enrolled at a Chinese University in China for more than year. You must also have a foreign insurance that is valid throughout your time in China. Furthermore, you must cover  your own living expenses (including housing) whilst abroad.

Requirements: The internship should be relevant to your studies at either a bachelors or masters level. You should have excellent knowledge of English, and preferably in Chinese (Mandarin) as well. An intern with knowledge and experience in the service and/or marketing fields is preferable. In terms of personality, we are looking for some who is engaging, social, outgoing, and is able to execute tasks in a timely manner. Your time with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce should build on your knowledge, help you grow as an individual, and help you come closer to your personal goals; it is therefore important that you demonstrate an interest in the Chinese culture.

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Past stipends

Sten Li

Martin Vercouter

Martin Vercouter

zPxCg_V7 copy

Linn Englund Holm


Sofia Norén

Swedish School in Beijing

Svenska Skolan i Beijings stipendium för studier i Kina. Sök nu till 2023 års stipendium! Beskrivning av ansökningsprocessen samt formulär hittar du bredvid.

Komplett ansökan skall vara stipendiekommittén tillhanda senast den 1 januari eller 31 mars, 2023, beroende på för vilken studieperiod Du söker stipendium. Ansökningar efter dessa datum kommer inte att behandlas.”

För ytterligare frågor, vänligen kontakta Svenska Handelskammaren i Kina via e-post:

Current stipends

Johannes Berholt

Past stipends

Lukas Petersson


Johan Ming Chou Chen


Emma Janson

Henrik Fritzon(2)

Henrik Fritzon

Past stipends

Amanda Schultz

Johanna Elming

Johanna Elming

Ebba Isaksson

Ebba Isaksson

Petronella Wretman

Jonatan Ryd bild 2

Jonatan Ryd

IMG_2015 John Alfredsson

John Alfredsson


Olivia Henrixon


Henrik Andrén

Miriam Hallongren Picture

Miriam Hallongren