BJ: Swedish for beginners in Beijing

F.t.l. Erika Staffas, Michael Hämäläinen, Joel Peng, Yawei Du, Edward Xie, Mingli Zhi.
Min Odenbro, Juanjuan Yao, Fang Ji, Renmin Li, Sophie Wei, Heyi Hang, Jaycee Yang

Through out the spring, 12 students from China and Finland have participated in our 12 weeks long beginners course to the Swedish language. Last week we concluded the course with a grand graduation ceremony where the students showed off their newly accuired skills.

The course was specially designed by Beijing Foreign Studies University’s school of European Languages and Cultures, who today is the only University program in China where one can do graduate with a bachelor in the Swedish language.

A big thank you to our teacher Joel, and Gina from BFSU and all of the students who entrusted us with their learning. And to Yuchen and Qun who joined the class and told the students personal stories about what it is like to learn Swedish and live in Sweden as a Chinese citizen.

We would also like to send a special thanks to SWEA who contributed with their cook book “Med kniv och gaffel i Kina” as graduation gifts to the students.

Are you interested in learning Swedish with us this fall? This autumn we will start a beginner course in Shanghai starting in August that you can sign up to already now, and in Beijing you will have another chance to join a course later this fall.

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