BJ: Annual meeting for all 19 foreign Chambers in Beijing

BJ: On November 30, the Civil Affairs organised an annual meeting for all 19 foreign Chambers of Commerce in Beijing. Ms. Huangru, the Deputy Director General of the administration office at the Civil Affairs, initiated the meeting and welcomed all the representatives. Director Kexiaoshan followed with an update about policies related to foreign Chambers in China, and section chief Song Zhongwei concluded the first part with a general summary of last year’s working reports from all the Chambers.

For the second part of the meeting, all the Chambers took turns to present this year’s main events and activities. SwedCham presented activities in relation to the 20 years’ celebration earlier this year, as well as examples on how some of our member companies have implemented the No Plastic Challenge.

Thanks to the Civil Affairs for organising the meeting; it was a great opportunity to learn about the different policy updates and to hear different successful stories from other Chambers.

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